Event: Mohamed Mahmoud
Occupation: Student
Age: 21


Shahabuddin Ahmed

Shahabuddin did not go on to further his studies after high school and started working in a restaurant to help support himself and his family. His father was carpenter and his mother had a small job at Qasr El Eyni hospital. He had three brothers and two younger sisters. He loved Zamalek and joined the “Ultra White Knights.”

Ultra White Knights was active in all political events starting from day one, 25th of January. Shihab joined all these political activities. On the 19th of November 2011, Shihab participated in the clashes in Muhammad Mahmoud near Tahrir Square., with popular anger from the political track after the revolution, Shihab participated in another protest 2 days later and was shot and killed by the police on the 21st of November. The Ultra White Knights called for public funeral.

On the first anniversary of Muhammad Mahmoud, the Ultra White Knights held a large demonstration to commemorate Shihab’s death in front of the High Court in downtown Cairo. They demanded the dismissal of the Attorney General and demanded that all those responsible for Shihab death be held accountable. Nether demands were met, but since then on the 21st of November Shihab is remembered by his family, friends, and hundreds of Ultra White Knights.