Event: The Friday of Anger
Occupation: Amateur singer
Age: 22


Rami Gamal Shafiq

Rami was just a young Egyptian from a middle class family who loved singing and playing guitar, wishing to become a famous singer one day. He lived with his parents, grandmother, and his brother and sister. He was not involved in politics and was never a member of any political movements, but he like many others, grew tired of the things happening in Egypt.

On the “Day of Rage” Rami went to Tahrir Square with his brother Muhammad and was shot dead by the police forces shortly after with a bullets directly to the heart, according to his brother who was standing next to him when it happened.

His brother said: “As we saw in the hospitals, all the injuries were caused by live bullets in the head and the heart—it was not random. What were Egyptian citizens guilty of when they expressed their legitimate demands?”

In an interview, Rami’s sister said that she was proud of her brother, “He did what we wanted to do for 30 years about our country.”

His mother said, “Rami sacrificed so the people of Egypt could live decent lives with dignity. My son was an artist, a sensitive person. He had a nice voice. All he wanted was just an opportunity, a job opportunity, or a chance to get people to hear his beautiful voice.”