Event: Security Forces Attack on a Sit-in in Front of the Egyptian Cabinet -17th of December 2011
Occupation: Student, tennis player and swimmer in the national team
Age: 19


Mohamed Mostafa (Karika)

Mohamed was talented young man. He was a student at faculty of engineering at Ain Sham University, a member of the Egyptian national tennis team, and a member of Al-Ahly Club’s swimming team. He won several gold, silver and bronze medals at the national level.

He represented Egypt in Germany, winning a silver medal. In addition, he was a musician as well as an active member of Ultras Ahlawy. His athletics didn’t hinder him from excelling in his studies and he received a scholarship for engineering studies at the University of Houston in the United States.

Four days before Mohammed was to go to the US, Egyptian demonstrators held a sit-in in front of Egypt’s cabinet on December 20, 2011 to protest against SCAF’s reappointment of Mubarak’s former prime minister Kamal el-Ganzouri. The sit-in was peaceful in comparison to the deadly clashes of the previous month, but that didn’t stop security forces from violently attacking the protesters and stripping the clothes off one woman. Mohammed decided to join the sit-in amid the clashes to support the other demonstrators. He arrived to the scene, but was shot by police forces shortly after. Some protesters helped carry Mohamed to Al Hilal Hospital near Tahrir Square since security forces blocked ambulances coming into the demonstration area. Doctor Alaa Fayez, former head of Ain Shams University, headed the surgical team trying to save Mohamed. One member of the team was Mohamed’s elder sister. They tried hard to save him, but weren’t able.

Dr. Alaa Fayez said after the failed operation: “He was fighting despite the heavy bleeding. He wanted to live.”

Mohamed used to tell his sister: “Egypt will not move forward until human dignity is for all. Egypt will not succeed if the revolution will not succeed.”

The death of Mohammed Mustafa Karika affected not just his family and friends, but many others including Ultras Ahlawy and Manuel José, Al-Ahly’s football team coach, who wore a t-shirt with the words “RIP Mohamed Moustafa” to all matches after Mohamed’s death. Since 2011, thousands of Ultras Ahlawy members commemorate Mohamed’s death every year and demanding justice for him.