Event: The Friday of Anger
Occupation: University graduate
Age: 23


Mohamed Imad Hussein

In the Cairo neighborhood of El Matareya, Mohamed Imad Hussein lived with his well-off family. He was the middle child out of three brothers and was dearly loved by his family and friends.

On the “Friday of Anger”, he was following the unfolding events with his family. He tried to join the demonstrations, but his parents tried to stop him. He told his mother, “What do you fear? Even if I get killed I will be a martyr.”

He left his house after the police station (Ain Shams) in his neighborhood was set on fire. Mohamed joined the demonstrations with a friend, police arrived throwing tear gas and shooting live bullets at demonstrators. Mohamed and his friend fell to the ground to avoid getting shot, but when they tried to get up and run Mohamed was shot in the back. He told his friend that he felt a pain in his back, but his friend assured him that nothing was wrong. They tried to flee, but Mohamed received another two bullets—one to the heart, shot from behind and to his shoulder. Fatally wounded, he fell to the ground and died. His friend detailed the events of his death to Mohamed’s family.

“When I found out my son had been killed by police forces, I felt how hard it is to live under oppression, under the tyranny of a regime, and I felt that young people had the right to revolt—our generation should have revolted too!” Mohamed’s father said.