Event: Al-itahadia Presidential Palace Protests
Occupation: Fourth year student at the faculty of commerce
Age: 23


Mohamed Hussain (Christie)

Mohamed Hussain, also known as Mohamed Christie, was born on the 22nd of October 1989. He was a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Commerce. He began his political activism with 25th of January Revolution along with many of his friends. He refused to leave Tahrir Square until of Mubarak was ousted.

He preferred to have Egypt ruled by a leader on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood rather than to have the Vice President in Mubarak’s regime. After it was announced that Dr. Mohamed Morsi won the presidency, Christie posted on Facebook to congratulate the new president saying: “Congratulations but you must know that you have fierce opposition that will fiercely oppose you for the sake of what is right.”

When Morsi announced the constitutional declaration that granted him vast powers as president and at the same time describing his opposition as “weevils” that must be marginalized, Christie went out to protest against the constitutional declaration along with dozens other Egyptian youths. He was an administrator for a page titled “Muslim Brotherhood: the liars” on Facebook.

On the 29th of December, Christie wrote on his Facebook page: “The number of tanks will increase and the bigger the number the more destructive the situation will become, but if the heart has faith, it won’t be beaten by a thousand tanks. They’re going to say, Christie has died… you should tell them he has lived. Heaven does not have died, but it also isn’t entered free of charge.”

After Christie was hit, people near him found a paper in his pocket with his name, his national identity number, and it indicated that he was a student at the Faculty of Commerce at Cairo University. On the paper he also wrote that if he died he would like a funeral like his friend Jika had, quoting: “I want a funeral from Tahrir just like Jika”.

When his friends learned this they said: “As young people, we now only dream of a good funeral like Jika instead of dreaming of a good life.” They created a page on Facebook entitled “The Knights of Commerce” to honor the memory of the students of the Faculty of Commerce who were killed. Christie was the sixth, following five others who were killed at the Massacre of Port Said. Christie was hit with two bullets in his heart and neck that led to his death.