Event: Rabaa Al-Adawia massacre
Occupation: Manager
Age: 50


Mohamed Aly Mohamed Ibrahim

Born in the city of Mansoura, and graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Mansoura University, then traveled to work in Saudi Arabia and began his life from scratch as a salesperson -as his wife Mrs , Amal Selim tells in an interview- and then moved to work as an accountant in a company , then to be the financial and administrative director of this company. He then moved to management and training field from 2003 until his death.

He was honored in more than three countries (Yemen, Malaysia and Libya) after providing training to university students in these countries in the field of management and training.

He had four kids; three daughters and one boy (now detained), he was the father and friend of the whole family and – as his relatives say- “Even the earth he walks on loved him”for his good manners and nobility

He joined the Muslim Brotherhood in his tweenty, he memorized the whole book of the Holy Quran.


Mohammed joined the sit-in Rabaa al-Adawiya in its second day and remained a sit-in to return to his home in the city of 15th of May little to check on his wife and children.

He was at home when the dispersal of the sit-in began on 14th August 2013, he had just gotten home for a few hours, and he soon insisted on going down there once he knew it was happening. His wife tried to stop him and asked him not to go for fear of death, his response was that “the people of the martyr are in GOD’s care” and that a man dies once, So let it be for GOD’s sake; His son accompanied him to the sit-in and they were able to enter the sit-in area with difficulty and prayed AlDuhr together and then he said to his son after praying: “Maybe God blesses one of us today with martyrdom, the martyr is forgiven as the first drop of his blood is spilt.”

Soon they went to the main platform of the set-in and the area was heavily hit with tear gas, so his son offered him some water and soda to reduce the impact of the gas, but he refused and said he was fasting. Then the bullet and gas hit intensified so he and his son had to separate, then at three and ten minutes Mohammed’s wife spoke to him on the phone to check on him, but the sound of the bullets was louder than his voice until his voice disappeared and someone held the phone to tell her, “Your husband is a martyr.” His wife phoned his son to tell him that his father had been killed to try to reach him.  His son began to search for him and could not find him until the sit-in forces cleared the sit-in completely. The son began to search for his father’s body again since dawn next day in the places where the bodies of those killed in the sit-in was being gathered, until his body was found next to the Zinhom morgue at 8 pm on Thursday and remained waiting in the queue of the morgue until 9 am on Friday to receive a burial permit. His funeral was held after Friday prayers from the Maraghi Mosque in Helwan and was buried in the family cemeteries in 15th of May city.

Muhammad was raised to serve his religion and homeland and raised his children on this approach. He taught his children to support the Palestinian cause since their childhood. His son says that his father encouraged him to participate with him in the demonstrations in support of the second Palestinian Uprising and he was then eight years old. Muhammad and his family remained boycotting American products as a form of solidarity with the cause.

His family tells that he has lived his life in the service of people so it really was on GOD to give him the Martyrdom and that he lived and died for it and that’s how he wanted to meet GOD. His friends recounted that he had a great impact on them and was encouraging them to live for GOD.

“We lost a Mentor, we lost a role model, we lost a friend,” says one of his mentee.