Event: The Friday of Anger
Occupation: Taxi driver
Age: 22


Mina Nabil Hilal Jabra

Mina, Samir and Magdy were 3 siblings that participated in the Friday of Rage. They also participated in the protests on Al-Haram street at El-Giza.

In a poor area in Faisal, the father works as a taxi driver and his three sons would help him in managing the housing expenses. Mina worked as a taxi driver like his father, but a few days before the Revolution Mina’s father came home frustrated about being required to pay a bribe to a police officer so his taxi’s license wouldn’t be confiscated.

Everyone was fed up with the situation, so all the sons agreed to take part in the protests of the Revolution on January 25th. They all came home safe but decided to participate in the Friday of Rage—the day that Mina was killed and Samir was injured.


Their father said in a press statement in Al-Masry Al-Youm: “I would rather my son be a martyr in a the protest than to die at home. I’m not sad, but proud for what my sons have shown in courage at the protests. As witnesses and those who helped carry my son Mina to Al-Haram Hospital told me how all three were in hand, pushing through and penetrating the police barriers with force. I knew very well that the country needed an uprising.

It needs a revolution and martyrs. I have given up one of my sons for the country. I won’t be sad about him, but I will seek his right! I have filed a report to the Public Prosecutor in which I accuse Habib El-Adly and the Central Police officers responsible for the Qasr El-Nil Bridge with intentional murder, and I will not be satisfied until Habib El-Adly is prosecuted with ‘high treason.’”

Many days after the Friday of Rage, Mina’s mother kept going to Tahrir Square holding a photo of her son and crying. She said that after January 25th he asked her for the 800 pounds he gave to her for safe keeping in order buy sandwiches and water and hand them out to the protesters.