Event: Maspero Massacre
Occupation: Student
Age: 20


Mina Ibrahim Daniel

Mina was an Egyptian a student and a worker who had an interest in public affairs. He was a member of the Youth for Justice, the Equality movement, the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, and one of the founders of the Maspero Youth Coalition. His family origins go back to the Sanbu Village in Assiut Governorate, but he lived in Cairo.

He participated in the 25 January Revolution since the beginning. At the Square, Mina used to smile at everyone, he would wander around the Square singing the songs of the revolution while in the company of his friend Mohamed.

He wasn’t an ordinary child. He was quiet by nature, eager to make friends with those older than him, as his older sister Miri, 20 years his senior said. She adds that he lived through a lot of important events, like the Battle of the Camels in Tahrir Square and he was greatly affected by seeing the martyrs falling in front of him. Before he was killed at the Massacre of Maspero, he had wanted his funeral to take place in Tahrir Square so that he would remain part of the memory of the Square.