Event: The Friday of Anger
Occupation: Industrial Diploma
Age: 23


Michael Wasfi Malaty Abadeer

Michael was the elder of two brothers, Meena, 22, and Beshoy 17. He graduated from a vocational training school, but he was unemployed for six years after he received his diploma because he couldn’t find any job opportunities. His father remembers how happy he was when he finally found a job at a company, “He came back home very happy and told me: ‘My father, now it’s okay to rest, I will be helping to supporting my brothers. “

When Michael got his first salary he gave the whole of it to his father. “He never stopped supporting the family and chipping in for his mother treatment expenses. He did not save for himself and never said no when I asked for his help,” Michael’s father said.

According to his father, Michael was sick two days before the start of the revolution so he didn’t join in on the demonstrations, but on the Days of Rage, he went. Later, news came out that the demonstrations had reached the nearby police station, which was set on fire. Worried about his son, Michael’s father went to the demonstration area, “When I found all these injured and dead I felt that my son was hurt. I did not know what to do until a neighbor approached me to inform me that Michael was injured in the chest.”

His father rushed to look for Michael in all the surrounding hospitals. He arrived at the El Demerdash Hospital to find doctors operating to extract the bullet, but unfortunately, it had reached his heart. The operation attempt was unsuccessful and Michael died on the operating room table.”

His father laments: “I can no longer sit in my house, every corner reminds me of my oldest son who lost his life in just one moment without reason. Hosni Mubarak killed my son and all the young people.”