Event: Rabaa Al-Adawia massacre
Occupation: Student
Age: 19


Malek Safwat Abdel rahman Al-Shimi

Malek looked younger than his age. Known for his good nature, he was diligent in memorizing the Holy Qur’an and started teaching young children Qur’an memorization at the nearby mosque. He received a grade of “very good” in the only year he got to spend at the Faculty of Engineering.

He was dedicated to his Lord and to the Qur’an. He was a protester at the Rabaa Al-Adwya sit-in since the very beginning. He would always spend his nights at the sit-in and was steadfast in doing his part by participating in the marches or securing the Square. When exhaustion would overcome him he would reaffirm that he didn’t fear death for the sake of what’s right. His family said that on the night he became a martyr he asked his mother to fast 6 days for him, following the Prophet’s Sunnah (peace be upon him) and she did.

In the early hours of the crackdown at the sit-in on the 14th of August, Malek was standing in front of his tent preparing bottles of vinegar to counter the tear gas when a fatal shot from the direction of the Intelligence building in front of the nearby Taiba Mall hit him. He died after several minutes.

The last words that Malek Al-Shamy wrote on his FB page were on August 12th: “You should know that everything that happens is calculated; that Allah is capable of prevailing in His command, and that Allah doesn’t want for us anything but what is good. This is our hope and that is my faith in Allah.”

After his death, his classmates at the Higher Technological Institute organized a protest to demand justice for every one killed during the crackdown on the sit-in, in addition to justice for detainees.