Event: Anniversary of the events of Mohamed Mahmoud
Occupation: Student at the faculty of engineering, cairo university
Age: 23


Mahmoud Abdel Hakim Sayed Khattab

Mahmoud was in his final year at the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University. Besides his studies he volunteered with Resala Charity Organization and also volunteered as a teacher for illiterate people. He was also a dedicated fan for Zamalek football club.

Although he did not follow any political party, he courageously participated in the events of the revolution. All he wished for was to see justice achieved in Egypt. A day before the second anniversary of the events at Muhammad Mahmoud (where dozens were killed by security forces) Mahmoud went out to repair his laptop. He passed by his uncle Abdul Rahman, who asked him, “Will you participate in the anniversary of Muhammad Mahmoud tomorrow?” He replied he would.

On November 19th, 2013, he went to Tahrir Square like many other young Egyptians. Security forces began shooting rubber bullets and lobbing tear gas at the demonstrators. Mahmoud fell to the ground. His friend Ahmad saw him, thinking he was okay but noticed he did not get up. When his friend found out that Mahmoud was fatally injured, he with help of others, carried Mahmoud to the nearby El Mounira General Hospital. Doctors there refused to admit him so his friends took him to Al-Kasr al-‘Eini hospital. When his family called his phone his friends told them that he received a gunshot wound to his legs. His father and uncle rushed to hospital. When they arrived they couldn’t recognise his face as blood covered his whole body.

Mahmoud’s eye popped out of its orbit as the bullet penetrated the bottom of his eyebrow before settling in his brain. Within a few hours Mahmoud was pronounced dead. The next day the autopsy report revealed that the cause of death was a rubber bullet. His father did not object to the report and all he wished was to bury his son.