Magdy Makin Khalil

The police officers arrested Magdy Makin as he was walking on the street with the wooden carriage that he used for work as Street Vendor,  He was led to El-Amiria Police Station. Sooner that day, his family were informed about his sudden death inside the police station.

Later, the forensics report proved that the cause of death was torture and that a police officer had stood on Magdy’s back after he had lashed him on his stomach, which led to his death.

After extensive coverage of the incident all over social media, the Public Prosecutor had decided to arrest the police officer and three low-rank officers for four days on grounds of investigating the torture accusations, later the four officers were charged for torturing a detainee. There were additional charges for the forging of official documents at the police station and for intentional damage to their place of employment (the Ministry of Interior). Later, The Public Prosecutor decided to release 4 other police officers with a fine of 3 thousand pounds (164 dollars) each.

On the 7th of April 2017, the Criminal Court of Cairo released the police officer who was accused in the case with a 5,000 pound fine.