Event: Port Said massacre
Occupation: Student at the German university in Cairo
Age: 19


Kareem Khozam

Kareem Khozam was a first-year student in the Department of Management at the German University in Cairo. He was one of the youths that spent the night at Tahrir Square on the 25th of January, 2011.

His peers described him having a spark for charity work in his neighborhood. When he joined his university, despite only being there for a year, he made quite an impact at the German University in Cairo. His university gave Kareem’s family an award of appreciation during what would have been his graduation ceremony. The family’s pain continued when Kareem’s father, Adel Khozam, passed away two months after Kareem was killed, leaving Kareem’s mother and sister alone.

In a tearful interview given by Kareem’s younger sister following the news of the Port Said Massacre, she said, “You were the best brother. You were the most handsome. There was no one else like you. I always used to say I can’t live without my brother, but no I have to do just that.” The German University in Cairo held a memorial service for Kareem in which his mother and sister spoke.