Event: Thugs attacked Muslim brothers Headquarters in Damanhour
Occupation: Student
Age: 15


Islam Fathi Masoud

Islam Fathi Massoud, was a 15 year old secondary student. His father passed away a few months before his death. He was the youngest among his brothers and was known for his good morals as well as his academic excellence.

Despite his young age, he was an active member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Damanhour. He was supervising a group of young members of the Muslim Brotherhood in his city. On November 25, 2012, during the evening prayer clashes broke out between opponents of the then Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and MB supporters on Al-Gomhouria Street in Damanhour City. The angry demonstrators attacked the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood. There was an absence of any security forces during the event. After the news of the clashes started spreading, police forces didn’t try to intervene to stop the violence even after dozens had been injured.

The official Facebook page reported that one person was killed and 60 others were wounded. Islam Fathi was among the youth trying to prevent the demonstrators from trying to storm the headquarters when he was hit in the head with stones causing his brain to bleed.

However, the blame wasn’t solely on the demonstrators. After the incident, Islam’s brother, Ahmed, was quoted as saying that he blamed his brother’s killing on the Muslim Brotherhood as he believed that a child of his age should not have been allowed to be present during the bloody clashes that took place.

As for the legal proceedings, the police arrested a group of demonstrators and later released them.

As for the Muslim Brotherhood, they issued a statement that blamed the political forces that called for demonstrations in front of their headquarters.

Islam’s last words, according to media reports was: “Tell my mother to forgive me.”