Event: Rabaa Al-Adawia massacre
Occupation: Principle and teacher at El-Nozha school
Age: 43


Hayam Abdu Ibrahim Ibrahim

Hayam was married with 5 children. Her husband credits here to the positive changes in his life after they were married. They had a happy marriage. She worked as a principal and teacher in El-Nozha Schools for 23 year and was awarded numerous certificates of excellence for her work. According to her husband, her biggest achievement was the appreciation everyone had for her.

Hayam and her husband were among the many participating in the Rabaa El-Adwya sit-in.

They spend most of their time at the sit-in, however, during the violent crackdown, she and her husband were at home. When they learned about the crackdown they left their home, each in their own car, and tried to reach the Square, but her husband lost track of her.

Witnesses had later told him that after she reached the demonstration she insisted on going in, but was prevented by armed forces and when she continued she was shot in her car.

According to the death report, her death was caused by a bullet to the head. On Thursday, the day following the crackdown, her husband had located her car filled with blood. He found her body two days after she was murdered on Friday 16/8/2013 after searching for her in Zeinhom Morgue. She was buried in El-darasa cemetery next to El-Jafaari Mosque.

Atef, her husband, said: “I miss her gravely, my love for her only keeps growing after she showered me with love and tenderness all these years. I knew for certain after she left that this heart must belong to a lady from heaven. I owe her so much. It is enough that she taught me how to be a man with a heart.”