Bilal Badawy Yasin

Bilal was a student at the Faculty of Agriculture at Al-Azhar University. While he lost many friends in the Rabaa Al-Adwya Massacre four months before he was killed, he was not dissuaded from participating in the peaceful anti-military coup demonstrations that continued for months after the coup. On the 13th of December he went to participate in a march under the slogan “Students sparking The evolution,” but protesters were met with gunshots at Al-Bostah street in Fayoum City. Bilal was one of the injured. After being moved to a public hospital at the governorate he passed away. His funeral was held at the Eastern Dar Al-Ramad Mosque and he was buried in his family’s burial plot in Al-Baroudia neighborhood in Fayoum City. The students’ union at Al-Azhar university mourned his passing with an official statement.

The perpetrator remains unknown, but shooting at demonstrations is nothing new. The Security Directorate of Fayoum released a statement saying that their Criminal Investigations Department is intensifying its investigations in order to find the killer. They also added that the Criminal Investigations Department was assigned to identify the instigators and others involved in the demonstrations along with confiscating any weapons. The directorate also claimed there was an injury to two officers—a lieutenant colonel and a first lieutenant at the march.