Event: 22nd of December 2013 - The clashes in Suez
Occupation: Worker
Age: 19


Bassem Mohsen

Bassem Mohsen was a 19-year-old resident of Suez,  he supported both his ill mother and his sister. Bassem dreamed that the revolution of January 25th would bring forth “freedom and social justice”.

Bassem Mohsen has participated in the Revolution of January 25th in his city of Suez, one of the biggest cities in terms of revolutionary protesters. His love for the revolution was increasing day by day, he viewed it as the only hope for a better tomorrow. During the demonstrations of Mohamed Mahmoud, he lost his left eye as a police sniper was intentionally targeting the eyes of Egyptian youth.

(The only trial that had taken place regarding the incidents of Mohamed Mahmoud was that of officer Mahmoud Sobhi Al-Shinawy who was given the title the Sniper of Eyes).

In June 2012, Bassem had gone in a show of solidarity with a group of young people that were arrested in Suez for demonstrating in front of the government building in protest of the incidents of Abbasiya on July the 4th.

He was severely beaten by authorities and was detained and tried in military court with charges of theft for allegedly stealing a police officer’s helmet. He was sentenced to 2 years in prison and after a massive campaign in Suez against military trials he was released with many others.

The harsh experiences Bassem went through—the losing of his eye and being put on military trial did not cause him to back down with the demands of the revolution, social justice, and freedom. He persisted and opposed the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule in Egypt, in rejection of the constitutional announcement of former President Mohamed Morsi.

After the June 30th protests leading to the overthrow of Morsi, Bassem went home to Suez with the intent of continuing the revolution, but was hit by a live bullet as the police forces violently broke down one of the Muslim Brotherhood protests in Suez Governorate. Due to the poor conditions of the local hospital in Suez the required surgery didn’t take place since it needed a specialist in brain and nerve surgery. During his transfer to Cairo the paramedics forgot the blood bags. Upon reaching French Qasr Al-Aini Hospital, there were numerous people who showed up willing to donate blood to him. After his surgery, he was placed in intensive care where he died.