Event: The Friday of Anger
Occupation: Student
Age: 19


Ahmed Kamal Anwar Abdullah

Ahmed Kamal, a 2nd year student at Egypt’s Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology, was the only son of his father’s. Ahmed Kamal’s father died two years after his son’s death due to his grief. He was one of the hundreds that were killed all across Egypt by the police forces during the events of the Friday of Rage.

Egypt’s Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology, and Commerce and Computers in Mansoura organized a big celebration for Mothers’ Day to honor Ahmed’s mother, who has said during the celebration that her son’s blood has not gone to waste as long as there are young people carrying on what he started for the sake of freedom and dignity for Egypt.

As for Ahmed’s sister, Mona Kamal, she has said in an interview conducted a few years after the revolution that Ahmed’s mother does not stop looking at his photo. She still hasn’t stopped crying even after all these years, especially since the murderers have not been held accountable and that the country does not appreciate the sacrifices that the martyrs made.