Event: The Friday of Anger
Occupation: a student at the Faculty of Law in the Alexandria University.
Age: 20


Ahmed Amer Mahmoud Mustafa

Ahmed Amer Mahmoud was a student at the Faculty of Law at the Alexandria University. His father died when he was just one year old and his mother looked after him and his siblings. He was the youngest of his brothers, and aside from his studies, he worked in a pharmacy in order to provide for his education.

On the Friday of Anger, Ahmed went outside when he heard a loud gunshot nearby. As he and his friend approached a nearby police station they found a large number of wounded and dead and saw that the police were still firing at people. According to his friend’s testimony, they both started helping the injured. Their clothes became covered in blood so they went to his friend’s house to change. His friend urged him to stay and not to return to the clashes, but Ahmed insisted in returning to try to help the injured. He again arrived at the police station area, and while he was carrying one of the injured he was shot by a sniper from behind in the head and neck.

His family did not know about his death until two days later. On Sunday, January 30, 2011, his body was found in a hospital after diligent searching.

“He used to say that one day he would be known by everyone and all of you will be proud of me,” said his older sister. According to his friend who was with him during the events, Ahmed was dissatisfied with what was happening within the country and he hoped for change like everyone else. His mother says she took a great effort to raise Ahmed and his siblings after their father died at an early age. She questions why should she lose her son after 20 years because of a bullet fired by an unscrupulous person?