Event: The Friday of Anger
Occupation: Student
Age: 18


Ahmed Abdel Rahim Al Sayed

Ahmed was a student in the fifth year of a vocational training school. He was hoping to join the Faculty of Engineering after graduating so he studied hard to achieve his dream. He is survived by his father, his mother, and his two brothers and sister.

On the Friday of Anger, a huge demonstration erupted in Matariya Square in front of Al-Anwar Muhammadiyah Mosque, reminiscent of what happened in Tahrir Square.

The security forces threw tear gas and shot live ammunition at the demonstrators. Ahmed was in the demonstration but briefly went home to get a bottle of vinegar to help the demonstrators come over the tear gas. When he returned to the demonstration he received a lethal bullet wound and fell to the ground. According to the autopsy report, he died because of a gunshot wound.

Shaheen Abdel Aziz, Ahmed’s uncle, remembers that Ahmed, only one day before he was killed told him about his desire to propose to a girl he had special feelings for. Ahmed’s uncle also promised to give him a helping hand if he made it into the faculty of engineering. Ahmed’s sister recalled his dream of traveling abroad for a better life, but unfortunately, none of these dreams will ever be achieved.