Event: Al-Nahda Square
Occupation: Civil servant
Age: 27


Ahmed Abdeen Sharqawi Elmasry

Ahmed Abdeen Sharqawi Al Masry, was a salesman in a meat company, a member of the April 6 Movement, and a father of two young children, aged five and a one. He participated in the events of the revolution since day one. He was a community organizer for the April 6 Movement and additionally he was actively involved in charity work.

Ahmed was fatally shot by security forces on August 14, 2013, while documenting the clashes on Arab League Street, near the Al Nahda sit-in. After he was shot, he was transferred to the nearby Agouza hospital where he spent a week, and then was transferred to the French Kasr al-Aini hospital for a third operation in an attempt to save his life from the fatal bullet that had destroyed his intestines. He stayed in the hospital for a week before he passed away on 1st of September 2013, his funeral was held at the Al-Hidaya Mosque in Bulaq El Dakrour. He was buried in the family cemetery on October 6th.

His close friend, the writer Ahmed Gamal Ziada said of him, “He used to spend a lot of his time in charities. He used to call me always and say, ‘Let’s go to an orphanage. Will you participate in the medical convoy? Gather your old clothes and clean them well; we will give them to the poor. Do not forget that we will participate in giving away food dedicated to martyrs spirit.’”

One of his last posts on Facebook, Ahmed Al-Masri wrote was: “I do want to see blood tomorrow, but I wish Mohammed Morsi to consider it as an act of patriotism and compromise by answering the demands of the Egyptian people and step down. Thus we will make sure the revolution’s demands are met (bread, freedom, social justice). I repeat I don’t want to see bloodshed tomorrow—everyone should take care of himself and his friends. May Allah protect us all. May he keeps the oppressors away, “Never will we be struck except by what Allah has decreed for us.”