Event: Rabaa Al-Adawia massacre
Occupation: Professor at Al-Azhar University
Age: 55


Dr.Abdel rahman Mohamed Aly Owaise

Abdelrahman Owaise was a professor of Interpretation and the Quranic Sciences in the faculty of Religious Origins at Al-Azhar University. He was from Helwan city.

He was shot by a sniper during the violent break down of the Rabaa sit-in. He along with more than thirty other martyrs of Al-Azhar scholars, Imams, and Awqaf were murdered.

One of the sad ironies was that Dr. Abdelrahman’s son, the Engineer Amr, was injured at the same massacre and was held under treatment until the 3rd of November 2013. In a photo of Dr. Abdelrahman after his death, he had a smile on his face and his eyes were open.