Event: The Friday of Anger
Occupation: Architecture
Age: 29

Mohamed Mahrous

Mohamed graduated from the Academy of Arts and Design at the 6th of October University. He devoted his life to his family after his father’s death. He traveled to Dubai for a job opportunity to help provide for his family, but quickly returned to everyone’s surprise. According to his sister he told his friends that he’ll have a big, private company one day and said, “I’ll ask you all to come and work with me.” His engagement party was held just two weeks before his death. His family remembers that he wasn’t as happy as he should have been during this.

He was not following any political or religious groups, but was determined to participate in the revolution since the first day. Due to work he wasn’t able to make the demonstrations, but did participate in the Day of Anger. He returned home to reassure his mother that he was okay, especially because near the police station of Darb Ahmar police were firing randomly at the demonstrators.

When he went back to streets to see what was happening he was shot by a sniper. The bullet penetrated his back and exited his chest.

His friend Amr said, “We were friends for more than 10 years—we were like brothers. I missed his engagement party so I congratulated him over the phone. We used to meet weekly at a cafe in Nasr City; laughing and talking about our country. Last time we met we only spoke about his engagement party. I didn’t know he would leave us days later.