Amro Saad Ibrahim

Amr moved from his small, quiet village in El-Fashn city, in southern Beni Suef after he lost his father as a child to live his mother and sister, and was raised among his peers in Cairo. He had the heart and chivalry of the people of Southern Egypt.

After Mohamed Morsi won the presidency, he joined the “Egyptian Current” political movement and later was killed in front of Al-ittihadiah  Presidential Palace while participating in a protest that was called for by the Salvation Front, an active political movement back then. 

Amro was born and raised in Beni Suef City. He participated in the political events following the 25th of January Revolution but was hit by a bullet during a political demonstration that had taken place on the 1st of February 2012.

According to news reports published at the time, Amro’s body reached the hospital at exactly 9:30 PM. He was in a deep coma and was placed under ventilator devices in the Intensive Care Unit. However, he was clinically dead and was taken off life support after his heart and his other organs stopped functioning. He was then moved to the morgue.

His body was moved to Beni Suef Governorate, Amro’s hometown so that he could be put to rest at his family’s graveyard, east of the Nile.


Other Al-itahadia Presidential Palace Protests victims

Mohamed Hussain (Christie)

Event: Al-itahadia Presidential Palace Protests
Occupation: Fourth year student at the faculty of commerce
Age: 23