Location: Tahrir Square Time: June, 2011 By: Mosa’ab elshamy


A word on methodology

We used different methods to gather and check the information regarding the victims. Before we started this project we contacted other initiatives that worked on similar projects. We conducted interviews and collected primary data, then we did literature searches which included content that was published in Arabic and English, mainly depending on online archive.

For our content, we used the Egyptian and international media reports about the victims, in addition to this, we contacted some family members of the victims to collect personal stories. We listened to them to make sure our content is accurate. We have also relied on some books that have been published in English and Arabic.

We used Wikithawra and ANHRI to generate a database regarding the victims’ names, ages and professions. Official documents published by the Egyptian Ministry of Health was also used for the database.

Several human rights organizations including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International was also used for fact-checking.

Launching Killed in Egypt” does not mean our mission has ended, in fact, we have just started. Stories will be told, murders will be heard, we will be the voice for those killed. Sadly, extrajudicial killings in Egypt are still happening, there are new cases emerging. We will continue to gather stories, data and images. It might take us years, but we continue our mission.