Location: Tahrir Square Time: June, 2011 By: Mosa’ab elshamy

About the Project

“Killed in Egypt” is an independent initiative that documents the extrajudicial killings in Egypt. Our aim is to shed light on the murders that have been committed since 2011 and remember the victims.

Just like us, there have been many other initiatives who have documented the number of dead, their names, age, and profession. But we strongly believe that it’s not enough to document numbers of victims. They should not be remembered as numbers.

Killing one person leads to the pain and suffering of many others as well. Family and friends of the victims live with the pain of losing a loved one. The murders are a loss for the whole nation, these people were contributors to the prosperity of their country.

At “Killed in Egypt”, we document information, but most importantly, we see it upon ourselves to tell the stories of the victims. We share their dreams, struggles, and their ambitions.

They were ordinary people who deserved the right to live.

Many countries compete with each other in order to provide their citizens with a better living standard. A country should only want their citizens to be free to make accomplishments not only for themselves but their nation as well.

It’s a source of pride for a country when a national achieves a breakthrough, he/she would raise the flag for their nation. At the same time, when a government kills its own people, it should carry the shame till the end. Extrajudicial killings ended thousands of lives in Egypt, since 2011, and till today no one has been brought to justice.

We as an organization believe that someday justice will prevail, and we believe that the first step towards justice is to document these crimes. The best way to do this is to tell their stories, to honor them, share our condolences with their loved ones, let them know they are not alone maybe this way we can restore the lost dignity in humanity.

We want people to know the truth about what is going on in Egypt. Our aim is to promote peace, not violence. Documenting is vital in order to generate awareness for future generations.

How can you support us?

Read the stories of our freedom fighters, read it over and over again, keep their legacy alive in your heart.

Share their stories, everywhere, not only on social media but share their stories verbally as well.

Contribute: If you know stories about the victims, please share it with us, through this form. Send us information and images so we can generate new stories or even update content that is already published.

We strive to improve our content and we will do all the necessary fact checking before we update or publish a story. Your support makes all the difference.

Last message: For the Freedom Fighters of Egypt