Amnesty international commemorates Regeni who is killed in Sisi’s Egypt

At 19.41 on January 25th thousands of lights will be lit to commemorate the exact moment of the last SMS sent by Giulio Regeni before being kidnapped in Egypt, subjected to vicious tortures and murdered.


The initiative is organized by Amnesty International Italy. The statement issued on the event’s page on Facebook reads ‘ In these 4 years, day after day we have continued to demand truth with initiatives all over the Country[Italy].  We will continue until there will be a judiciary truth that matches the historical one, which attests that what happened was a”State crime”, that establishes individual responsibilities and places them along a chain of command.”

In addition to activists and supporters, ‘Several schools will gather around the Regeni family to keep on asking for truth and justice. Students, teachers and school staff are already organizing meetings, assemblies, and school demonstrations. More than 50 schools have already adhered to the demonstration scheduled for January 25.” Regeni was a student at Cambridge University in the UK

The event that will be held on January 25, 2020, will not be merely a demonstration, but a big sign of support from the whole county, Italy, to the family of Giulio Regeni.